Upwork Tips for Beginners in 2022

Saad Tanvir
3 min readJan 16, 2022


Upwork Tips for BEGINNERS in 2022

I am a freelance Front end developer working on the Upwork platform. I am a self-taught developer that grew from zero, and now got a “Top Rated Freelancer” Badge and have earned more than 15k+ within a year. I have gone series of experiences and love to share them with beginners in the community.

I have a good following on Linkedin and used to share freelancing tips on it. Recently, I shared earning of one month that was $2,450, and many people engaged me with that post and asked for help.

I have seen many people asking me, “I cannot get my first job done on Upwork. Can you help?”

I spoke with people and tried to help them to get their careers on the way to success. Unfortunately, I was not happy with many of them because of their dedication to freelancing, specially Upwork.

My first Question to all the beginners:
How many hours do you spend on Upwork to get your first job?

If your answer is 0 hours, I think this is your first mistake.

Here are a few of the things that you must consider as you are a beginner:

1. Profile Optimization

According to experts, profile optimization plays a vital role in getting your first job at Upwork. You need to consider your profile picture, profile title, targeted keywords, introduction (description), and tags. Please make sure to create Specialized Profiles.

You need to get different people’s opinions and check the Upwork Help center to see the essential points.

It would be best if you put effort into the right way. No one is there to put effort on your behalf. You need to invest time in this rather than asking other people for recommendations. You can also search on youtube to get tips from expert freelancers about their strategies.

You need to check your Upwork profile to check your profile visibility every week. Keep changing the title, description, and tags until you get some excellent views.

2. Portfolio

Now this, is a time to question yourself “Do I have the skills that could help me outstand in the competitive market?

You can analyze this by reading the description of other successful freelancers in your niche(field). You can create an agency profile to explore different profiles on your own. Take focus keywords based on their recent invited times.

You can now analyze whether you have good skills and compete in the markets or other freelancers.

The next step is to create a unqiue, interactive, and robust portfolio website for your profile with your domain name like I have saadtanvir.com. You can register the domain name only for $9.99 at Namesillo, and you can get the best hosting at Fastcomet for $35.40. I have been using these platforms for years, so I recommend you to use them.

So, Spending $45.39 makes you more prominent to other freelancers.

I have shared two crucial points that are very important to succeeding at Upwork. If you are looking for more solutions to issues that could be helpful, subscribe to me now at medium.

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